Terms & Conditions

After you enter Iloveshot.com and use it for personal or business-related purposes, you must follow the terms and conditions we have set on this website.

Use of the Content Available on our Website:

Whatever information we submit on the website is for our website, and we don’t want anyone to copy it and re-use it for personal use. If we find someone doing this, we are allowed to block their access to the website and no longer allow them to use our services.

Pricing and Subscription:

We have not set any subscription or pricing on our website. It’s because we have not created this website with such intention. We do need finances to manage the website. We must pay for the hosting charges and monthly spending for the platform’s security. Well, our goal is to cover those finances with the help of advertisements available on the internet. However, we also have the right to change our minds and include the pricing or subscription charges on the website for the user. So, you don’t have the right to ask any questions about it.

Changes and Cancellations to Terms and Services:

At Iloveshot, we have the authority to shut down the services whenever we think they suit us. So, nobody has the authority to ask us why we are not continuing the services. Also, the entire data associated with our website from your profile will erase after the termination of the website. If you lost that data, we are not responsible for it.

Apart from that, changing the data on our website will happen only when we believe it is right for the viewers. So, nobody has the authority to talk anything to our customer support about changing the data. When we talk about data change, we can change the entire theme of the website and introduce new options and features.