Iloveshot is a free-to-use, a state-of-the-art website created and owned by JahaSoft Ltd. Jahasoft is a well-known Software Company based in the heart of Quetta, Balochistan.

On Iloveshot.com, you can capture High-resolution and beautiful screenshot images of any webpage on the internet. We offer reliable features for every type of webpages such as news articles, Tweets, YouTube videos, etc.

At JahaSoft Ltd, we have designed and planned the entire structure of the website in a way that can be easier for anyone to use. If you are an advanced or newbie computer and internet user, you wouldn’t have to face any issues. It stays understandable for every type of computer user. All you have to do is copy the right webpage link and paste it on the text field to take a screenshot of the web page.

We have also tried to keep the website’s security reliable for every customer. In short, no one can understand what you are doing to someone’s website. However, our website algorithms don’t work on private web page links where authorization is required. Since our platform is accessing the links, it doesn’t consider the human, which restricts entry to the platform, so opening the webpage and taking its screenshot is impossible.

We offer free services, but you can still use unlimited usage options. We have not put any limits on the usage of the platform. You can take as many screenshots as possible by using Iloveshot.com.

Suppose you feel any issues while using our platform. In that case, you can easily contact our customer support team, who is available 24/7 to respond and solve your queries within seconds.